Beyond the Garden Fence

When we first opened our doors we promised that we would completely reinvent beyond our garden fence. During the winter months we cleared the area and set hard to work at planning and designing our new outdoor space.

We had gardeners and builders working round the clock to finish the project before the summer, so that the children could enjoy this little bit of paradise in the warm weather. We managed to complete in time for our big reveal on 29 June. 

On this date we held a party in aid of our “beyond the garden fence” space. Parents arrived on time and were greeted with food and drink. One by one they perused the garden, seeing all the sights that it had to offer. They enjoyed sitting in our log cabin and watching the children play in the wendy house, also known as “the house that Russy built.”

They also explored all the different plants we have planted in our new garden. We have olive, apple and plum trees, as well as raspberry bushes lavender bushes. The plants make the garden so natural and the smell of the lavender is just lovely.

Some of the parents were even brave enough to give us a little show on our new stage, although i am not sure that many of them would own up to it. Everyone was introduced to the 3 new additions to the Russell Hill team…. our hens, and had a hand in naming them. Everyone put a name into each one of the three baskets and in turn a name was chosen for our hens. The white one was named Snow White, the brown one was named Penny and the black one was named Nando’s.

The children enjoyed the bouncy castle and the weather was lovely. Friends and family of the nursery really enjoyed the day, they got to mingle and chat loads, which is what adults do. We are all looking forward to the summer party at the end of August.

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