Christmas Party

It was the day before Christmas and everyone was excited for the Christmas Party. This was a special day as all the mummy’s and daddy’s were coming to the nursery to stay and play with us. On arrival we were greeted with the sound of Christmas music and a grand buffet of all types of food. There were finger foods, rice, meat and fish… to cakes and sausage rolls, fruit, every kind of dish.

We had an amazing guest who stopped in to see us. It was none other than Father Christmas and he came baring gifts. He said that it was a token gesture to wet our appetites for the next day. We all took it in turns to receive our presents from Father Christmas but some of us we were good and did not open them until Christmas day. 

As the morning went on, the food continued to come, with parents bringing donations and home made delights. Cyrus’ mum brought jallof rice, Liyana’s mum brought samosa’s and some fishy treats and Helena’s mum baked an amazing marble cake.

Before Father Christmas set back off on his long journey, we all gathered around the piano for some Christmas Carols. Rafael’s brothers played the piano whilst we all sang at the top of our voices. Then it was time to dig into the food and we ate until our little hearts were content.

Next on the agenda was a game of Pass the parcel and as usual some of us tried to hang on to the present for a little longer than required. Everyone got a little something and the big prize went to Helena. After this we turned up the music and had a little boogie. We let the parents do what grown ups do and have a chin-wag whilst we played games and danced with our friends. It was nice for everyone to get together over this festive period and start our Christmas celebrations early.

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