Crystal Palace Park Trip

Today was a great day; we went to explore Crystal Palace Park and all its hidden treasures. First stop was the dinosaur enclosure. There were big ones and small ones, ones that could fly and ones that looked like they wanted to eat us. Luckily for us they stayed very very still in the lake so we weren’t that scared. We won hands down in our Roooaarrrring competition; I think we were probably scarier than they were.

Before lunch we thought it would be a nice idea to give the ducks some lunch. We fed them a nice big loaf of wholemeal bread, but some of the bigger ducks were a little greedy and gobbled it all up before the little ducks had even had a nibble.

After lunch we visited Crystal Palace Park farm, having escaped the trolls under the bridge and the massive marble gorilla that lives in the park. At the farm we saw various animals such as Lima’s, goats, Shetland Ponies and a very very large and smelly pig. We also saw smaller animals such as fish, slippery snakes, terrapins, bearded dragons and spiders. All the children loved the farm especially the cuddly guinea pigs, rabbits and the baby ducks.

After a few animal and dinosaur stories and songs, we were all pretty tired and so made our way back to nursery in our minibus for a rest.

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