Easter Egg Hunt

Easter means just one thing… an Easter egg hunt, and where better to have it than Richmond Park.

We arrived on the minibus and had our lunch. It was yummy and gave us lots of energy for the hunt ahead. A little birdie…or was it a bunny, told us that there were some hidden treasures down in Isabella plantation, so we immediately made our way down there.

Isabella plantation was lovely. It has streams and big trees everywhere, it was like an enchanted forest. And what made it even better was that it was totally deserted, there was noone around. We sat for a few moments and had some Easter themed stories with Katie and Melissa, whilst Emma trotted off to explore what was beyond the trees.

On her return we decided to embark on our hunt. We had a bucket and a keen nose for chocolate. As we waded through the trees, under the branches and over the grass we started to spot, bright shiny eggs. The Easter bunny had obviously been and hidden some eggs there for us to find.  They were everywhere, at the bottom of tree trunks, in the branches, hidden amongst daffodils. Everyone of us had the chance to find an egg or two and put them in the bucket…. even Russy Bear. In fact, Russy Bear was the best at spotting the eggs.

Having collected a bucket full of eggs we decided to have a game of hide and seek amongst the trees. This was fun and after we even climbed a few trees, with Emma’s assitance. After a rest we waded back through shallow streams and marched over bridges, careful not to be caught by any trolls. As were leaving the plantation we were spotted by a herd of deer. We admired them from the comfort and security of the right side of the fence, then called on the minibus to come and rescue us. As we boarded the minibus and embarked on our journey home we gave the deer a wave goodbye.

A light snack and some nursery rhymes set the mood for a relaxing journey home, laden with Easter Eggs of course.

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