Our Vegetable Patch

As part of the make over of our lovely garden we decided to have our own vegetable patch. We were told that it was going to be rich in vegetables and fruit and bests of all, we were going to plant them ourselves. We put on our wellies and some messy clothes and we proceeded to the garden armed with shovels and a whole lot of soil. We poured the soil on to the individual patches and we spread and shovelled all the soil around. In turn we planted strawberries, carrots and cabbages, along with corn and an array of different tomatoes.

We had a lot of fun getting all mucky and we learnt what we would need to do in order for the vegetables and fruit to grow. They needed a lot of sunlight and water and some sticks for when they begin to grow, but most of all we had to look after them.

update: August 2013

So a month or two has passed and we are still looking after our vegetable patch. Sometimes it has required more watering than others, depending on whether we have had a good old fashion English summers day or not. Our strawberries were the first to bloom, and then it was the turn of the cabbages. They are big and very green and look like something out of Mr McGregor’s vegetable patch, from the Beatrix Potter books.

If you look closely you can see the heads of the carrots in the ground, at some point we will dig deep and see what lays beneath. The Corn is beginning to grow and the tomatoes are beginning to look very big and very juicy. We cannot wait to taste them.

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