Snow White Pantomime

No Christmas period is complete without a visit to the pantomime. So it was only right that we took a trip down to New Wimbledon theatre to indulge in a little festive show. Snow White is a much loved story and all the children were looking forward to seeing it. Before the trip we read the book so that we were familiar with the storyline.

Pantomimes are always really exciting no matter how old you are. The theatre was a grand building with big velvet style seats and the stage was absolutely  amazing. There were lots of other children there and everyone was very very excited. 

The show was spectacular and the costumes were amazing. Tia said she did not like the Wicked Queen but she loved her dress. The cast were very funny and Ashley and Aloise were laughing all the way through. There was alot of cheering, booing and “he’s behind you” chants. The Seven Dwarfs had us in stitches and Priscilla Presley looked amazing from someone old enough to be our grandmas. All of the children loved the show, some of us were mesmerised whilst others sang along to the pop songs with the cast and joined in all of the group chants. Everyone was had a great time, we will definitely be returning next year… hi ho hi ho its back to nursery we go…………

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