Tilgate Park

So we decided to try somewhere new on our summer programme. This little adventure took us to Tilgate Park and we were blown away. It was so green and luscious and the park itself was just beautiful. It was raining so we put on our wellies, macs and hats and made our way through the park and through every puddle.

We heard that there was a little animal enclosure so we put on our explorer hats and made our way through the park in search of the animals. We finally found it in the walled garden. We were amazed by all the animals. There were Meer cats and big goats as soon as you entered and chickens and turkeys roaming free. We are used to chickens roaming around so we loved it, Barbara even thought she saw Penny. 

We saw the otter’s being fed with crayfish and other creatures, little rabbits hopping around and tiny beautiful birds. Then we smelt the pigs……. YuCK, and with each pen the pigs grew bigger and bigger and the smell got worse and worse. As the skies cleared and it became hotter the smell became too much for our little noses so we decided to take a  further down to the lake, passing goats and sheep. The lake was beautiful and we were half expecting to see a crocodile in the murky waters. However we just saw an array of the most elegant and beautiful ducks and swans.

We made our way back up and saw some more exotic birds and little creatures that looked like d little field mice. Then there was this cheeky goat that was standing up at the fence trying to talk to us. We went over, but not too close, just in case he was hungry.

On our way out we went through a little area that houses, fish, snakes, bearded dragons and more little mice . We had so much fun with all the different animals that we collected a few toy versions to take back to nursery.

Having left the animal enclosures we explored the maze. With our thinking hats on it didn’t take long for us to find our way out of the big maze, with some of the bigger children leading the way. We then spent some time just exploring the park and running very as there was oodles of space. We loved the big overhanging trees that we could hide under and the massive tree trunks that we could climb on. After all that exploring it was time for a snack and a little snooze on the way back to nursery.

We had such a great time, we would recommend it to everyone… TILGATE PARK!

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