Our Week at Nursery

This week at nursery we have had so much fun. In between playing in the garden and hiding from the drizzles we have participated in lots of different activities.

We had so much fun a few weeks ago making pizzas, we decided to do it again. Some children stuck to their tried and tested toppings but others chose to explore different flavours on their pizzas. We loved every minute of making our pizzas and we enjoyed eating them even more.

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Fishy Friday

Today was certainly a Fishy Friday. We all went down to Pets at Home on our nursery minibus to buy our first Russell Hill pet. We saw big pets, little pets, furry pets but it was the fish that caught our eye. There were lots of different fish to pick from, colourful, small, big, cold water and tropical types. We picked two little fish that would have lots of space in our fish tank. The fish loved their new home in our “understanding the world” room.

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Pizza Party

Today we had great fun making our own individual pizzas which we enjoyed eating for tea. We used a variety of toppings and it was messy but yummy fun. It was good as we all decorated our own pizzas and so when it came to tea time we were all eating our favourite type of pizza. Some had ham and pineapple, some had pepperoni and sweet corn and others just had lashings of cheese. Everyone, big and little got involved and teatime was a splendid picture of colourful pizzas.