Letter from Buckingham Palace

After much discussion and fervent deliberations among the children and our staff team, it was agreed that as part of our ‘kings and Queens’ theme, the children would write a letter to Queen Elizabeth II.

The children were very excited to have the opportunity to write to her majesty the Queen, (the Childrens’ enthusiasm for the task was palpable); armed with their creative fingers, they got to work, writing letters and drawing pictures. They did a fantastic job. With the letter finally ready, we posted the said letter – first class of course!!

After posting the letter, the children were filled with eager anticipation at the thought of the Queen writing back. They literallychecked everyday with the postman; however, the children were in no doubt that Her Majesty would reply. Approximately, two weeks later, the reply letter from her Majesty finally arrived. The children all sat in at circle time for the grand Opening of the letter, they had real difficulties controlling their obvious excitement, which was fun to be a part of. Reading the letter out loud to the children, the look of amazement and the collective thrill that they had experienced in undertaking the endeavour, made us all feel overjoyed!!!

Samantha Penn (Nursery Manager)