Letter from Buckingham Palace

After much discussion and fervent deliberations among the children and our staff team, it was agreed that as part of our ‘kings and Queens’ theme, the children would write a letter to Queen Elizabeth II.

The children were very excited to have the opportunity to write to her majesty the Queen, (the Childrens’ enthusiasm for the task was palpable); armed with their creative fingers, they got to work, writing letters and drawing pictures. They did a fantastic job. With the letter finally ready, we posted the said letter – first class of course!!

After posting the letter, the children were filled with eager anticipation at the thought of the Queen writing back. They literallychecked everyday with the postman; however, the children were in no doubt that Her Majesty would reply. Approximately, two weeks later, the reply letter from her Majesty finally arrived. The children all sat in at circle time for the grand Opening of the letter, they had real difficulties controlling their obvious excitement, which was fun to be a part of. Reading the letter out loud to the children, the look of amazement and the collective thrill that they had experienced in undertaking the endeavour, made us all feel overjoyed!!!

Samantha Penn (Nursery Manager)

Joss Bay

  This week we enjoyed some lovely weather which meant only one thing…. the SEASIDE.

On Monday …we made our way to Joss Bay because it is secluded and has a lovely sandy beach, and not many people know about it, but we do!! When we arrived…

The sun was shining bright, 75° Fahrenheit With not a cloud in sight not a raindrop to even cause a blight The scene was one of utter delight!! With our swimming costumes on We got into the sea and paddle along Humming to the tune Of, Oh it’s a lovely day to be by the seaside So we dipped our feet into the sea and splashed around, and played a little in the sun Sam caked on factor 50 so we won’t get brown Guess what? Not one of us had a single frown!!! At first it was a little chilly brrrrrrrrrr but it got warmer. We enjoyed burying Zayne in the sand; thank goodness we remembered to dig him out again. He loved it with just his head and hands poking out, and yes, we took some very funny photographs. We also built sand castles and had fun writing our names in the sand.

We had the most fun when searching for seashells. We split into two teams and competed to see which group could fill up their buckets the quickest and with the prettiest shells. We picked some beautiful shells with the intention of taking them back to the nursery. It was amazing day. With all the excitement, we must of lost track of time, because before we knew it, it was time to head back to nursery. Time really does flies when you’re having fun.

We had a very relaxing journey back, we all fell asleep .

What a great day we had!!!

Godstone Farm

Godstone Farm As part of our summer program this year, we once again decided to visit one of the Nursery’s favourite locations, Godstone farm. On arrival at Godstone farm, and we were blown away by how green, beautiful and luscious the farm itself is. It was truly a great day to go, the sun was shining bright, our children were all happy and excited; everything was just right! As well as having lovely surroundings the farm have lots of different varieties of animals. We started our adventure at the petting hut, we petted Rabbits, chicks, ducklings and little piglets. The piglets were very cheeky, they loved our presence so much, they even jumped up at us to say Hello. The children was just so excited and happy to seethem. We were amazed by all the animals. There were donkeys, goats and the biggest horses we had ever seen. Having left the animal enclosures, we explored the maze. With our imagination and thinking hats on, it didn’t take long for us to find our way out and rescue the princess from the Castle, and with some of the bigger children leading the way success wasassured; We then spent some time just exploring the various facilities available at the farm. The last stop on our journey was the music garden, we made lots of noises; they even had a piano to encourage the musically gifted among us an opportunity to tinkle the ivory. We all had so much fun playing the piano, we all sang lots of songs. Ian ourpiano teacher would have been so proud of us. After all that exploring it was time for a snack and a little snooze on the way back to nursery. We had such a great time at Godstone Farm, we would be happy to recommend a visit there for all of our parents and children.

Arrival Of Our Caterpillars

As parents and carers will already know, we have been learning about life cycles of different living things.

After learning so much about the life cycle of a caterpillar, the opportunity was finally here for the children to watch and document at first-hand the different stages a caterpillar goes through before it turns into a beautiful butterfly.

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Natural History Museum.

Today we visited the Natural History Museum. We have been learning and reading about dinosaurs so it made sense to go and see some.

We were all very excited as we entered the dinosaur exhibits. Everywhere you looked there were dinosaur bones hanging or towering over us. We were not scared as it was obvious we had more muscles than they did, they were no skin and all bones. There were big, small, familiar and unusual looking dinosaurs.

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