Children In Need 2018

This year Children in Need is being held nationally on 16th November 2018.

Children in Need unites the entire country by trying to make a difference to the lives others.

To celebrate Children In Need everybody at Russell Hill were encouraged to participate in a series of events in an effort to raise money for the cause.

We decided to dress up in Pjs to raise money; we had a bake sale, tile sale with the childrens hand prints on them, and a very exciting raffle, which proved very popular with the children and parents.

Well done to the winners of the raffle, they won some amazing prizes.

Everyone participated in a collective endeavour to make the event on the day a joyous one; From babies through to preschool children, everyone created their own masterpieces on a tile. The finished tiles were bright and vibrant, with each one being individualistic in style. Parents dug deep and donated money for their little ones works of art.
We all had great fun dressing in Pjs as part of the event. Everyone got into the spirit of it, especially the staff. Siobhan, Liliana and Lauren wore matching pjs. ( a sight for sore eyes).

Our bake sale was a gastronomic extravaganza; We had rocket road cupcakes that just melted in ones mouth, cupcakes galore, and array of tantalising biscuits that are beyond culinary description. Needless to say much fun was had by all.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for their contribution to the bake sale.

In addition the staff tried to do their bit by baking at home or in some cases buying them in the shop (shock horror!!! – they thought we could not tell). The children also made some lovely contributions on the day in the form of cupcakes which shone with their own edible glitter.

One parent ( who shall remain nameless) bought approximately 10 cakes for the ‘daddy of the family’; However was later seen scoffing the lot!!

In total we managed to raise precisely £860.26 for charity. We would like to say a ‘big thank’ you to all of you for getting involved and I am sure the Children In Need charity are most appreciative of your collective endeavours on their behalf.

A big thank you to parents from our staff team for making the event such a happy and joyful occasion. We look forward to the next fundraising event; lets see what other ideas we can come up with for those.

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