Metamorphosis/ from Caterpillar to Butterflies

We have had the opportunity to grow our very own butterflies.
For the last 25 days, we have been observing the caterpillars and finally, on Friday 26th April 2019, we had 33 beautiful Butterflies. WOW!!!!!!!

As we arrived at the nursery on Thursday 9th May 2019, we were all really excited to receive the news that the butterflies had started to emerge from their cocoons. Having front row seats for this event, was truly an enthralling and amazing experience for the children and parents to see.

We respectfully allowed the butterflies to rest for a while after emerging from their cocoon as it can be a very tiring experience for them; we finally had the opportunity we have been all waiting for!! We were then able to gently hold the butterflies. It was an amazing experience for the children and parents to actually hold them and watch them fly away to a new home.

It was so really exciting and exhilarating for us all just to hold them, and one of the butterflies landed on a child’s head.

The children were beside themselves by the share joy and excitement of the occasion.

After all the excitement, we couldn’t wait to tell those parents that didn’t have a ringside seat of the occasion, all about the new butterflies at Russell Hill. They’ll have to satisfy themselves with the numerous pictures taken of the event!!

The children are waiting with eager anticipation to see what we are going to learn about next.

What a great hands-on way to learn about living things!!

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