Natural History Museum.

Today we visited the Natural History Museum. We have been learning and reading about dinosaurs so it made sense to go and see some.

We were all very excited as we entered the dinosaur exhibits. Everywhere you looked there were dinosaur bones hanging or towering over us. We were not scared as it was obvious we had more muscles than they did, they were no skin and all bones. There were big, small, familiar and unusual looking dinosaurs.

As we trekked through the maze of skeletal dinos, we roared, chatted and sang, until….. we came to a gigantic, roaring, menacing Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was dark, he was loud, we were scared, he stood tall an proud. Some of us brave ones were not so brave after all, Olivia could be heard saying “oh my goodness, oh my goodness” as she tightened her grip on an adults hand.

We made a quick escape and continued on our journey to learn about where and how they lived. Although we had been scared we were brave enough to touch a T-Rex’s mouth, restoring a little bit of our confidence. We were brave enough to stroke the T-Rex’s teeth, when they were no longer in his mouth of course!
After lunch we went to the Creepy Crawly exhibition where we saw big scorpions, butterflies and all sorts of Creepy Crawlies. We were not too keen on the spiders and the house and cat that were infested with fleas…….Hey! stop itching, they were only plastic.

After we went through to the Mammals exhibition where we saw all types of animals ranging from elephants and giraffes and mammals with a tail, kangaroos wolves and a gigantic whale. From there we travelled through the core of the earth and experienced an earthquake in a supermarket whilst visiting the Earth Hall.

It was almost time to head back to nursery, but not before one last peek at the dinosaurs. Led by Harry and his amazing map reading skills we were drawn back to the T- Rex. At first some of is were a little hesitant but after a few minutes we were close enough to feel his breath.

We had such a great time at the museum. We pressed every button available and opened every flap, we twisted every knob, we’ll definitely come back. We enjoyed every last moment, who said museums were boring, the minibus was the only place that you could catch us snoring.

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