Supermarket Sweep

Today we all enjoyed the benefits of our Russell Hill convenience store. Samantha converted our home-corner into a really ‘super’ supermarket. It was stocked with all the sorts of things you would find in any really good supermarket, such as fruit and vegetables, milk, eggs, washing powder, cereals, to name but a few items.

We had pretend money and credit cards and we used them to buy all sorts of things which we placed into our baskets and trollies. Some of us just filled our baskets with fruit, some with household goods and others baskets were just full to the brim with goodies. It was fun seeing what everyone had in their baskets. There were some items that were not available but samantha said that she could order them in for the next time we visited the shop.

We had cheque books, credit cards and cash by which to pay for our goodies.

Some items were cheap only costing 1 coin whilst others required us to break out the credit cards and our cheque books.

We had even made our own wallets beforehand to carry our money in.

We had decorated little envelopes with a variety of different colours and sticky foam pieces to give them a personal touch.

We loved playing shops, it was fun and everyone was able to join in. Now we know what we are doing our parents can ride in the trollies whilst we do the weekly supermarket shop in future!!!

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